Friday, July 21, 2017

Photobucket, I Am Done With You.

You have gotten on my last nerve with your latest stunt.

Why, what stunt, you ask.

This one:

I assure you, this attempted extortion is going to backfire.

For you lucky folks who haven't experienced this image replacing every single Photobucket-hosted image on your website or blog, a word of explanation. I fired up my blog this morning, only to find that almost every image, including the background and border graphics, had been replaced by one of these.

It seems they want money now for this service that has been free for at least a decade.

Adding insult to injury, downloading one's own Photobucket albums suspiciously does not work. Not only that, the Photobucket site is so clogged with pop-ups and ads, it's nearly impossible to navigate anymore. When I tried running it with an ad blocker and pop-up blocker enabled, I could at least navigate to individual photos without having to close half a dozen ads on the way. But then, when I would click on an individual image so I could download it, until I disabled the ad and pop-up blockers, it would display the above extortion image instead of my photo!

Well, Photobucket, this crazy scheme of yours is NOT going to work with me. Not only will I not pay you, as soon as I manage to extract each and every one of my photos from your site, I will close my account, and I will spread the word far and wide about what you're up to.

Everyone knows the public relations formula ... do something good, the average customer will tell 4 people about it. Do something bad, and the average customer will tell at least twice that many people about it.

I shall eagerly await news of Photobucket's eventual demise. Good riddance.

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