Monday, March 10, 2008

Glory Be... The Man Can Smile!

Maaahvelous concert again last night. Here is part of the concert report I posted late last night on a couple of fan boards:
First off... I got busted at intermission for the camera, but the security guy was nice about it. He said put it away and we'll call it square. So I did. But then during "Question" there was no WAY a security person was going to see me, because everybody was up out of their seats, dancing, some in the aisles. So I ripped off a bunch more frames.

Something went haywire with the projector at the start of the second half, so there were no background pictures for the entire second half. I hope they get that fixed.

Justin smiled just a little more tonight than he did Tuesday. But he still looks a bit tired. Nonetheless... he did not "phone in" his performance. He was magnificent. As were the rest.

Graeme announced that it was Julie's birthday. He then went on to say they had recorded "higher and Higher" "before you were born, love." After he went back to his place at the drums after the song, I saw her flip him the bird!

Oh, and when I first sat down (in the 4th row) there was a guy one row ahead and a few seats over. I guess I must have said I'd gone to San Francisco--because he said, "Oh, are you CrankyBeach?" Geez! My reputation precedes me!
I actually took over 500 pictures last night, despite the alleged camera ban. Many are blurry, and most have problems such as microphones in front of faces, shadows on faces, waving arms between me and the stage... but I did get a few really decent ones. Here's a nice one of Justin and John rockin' out:

I'm still in Santa Rosa. I went skating this morning--the young lady in the rink box office was at the concert last night too--and planned to go wildflower-chasing this afternoon, but I was so tired I came back to the hotel and slept the afternoon away. And now it's time to chase down some dinner. I'll go chase flowers tomorrow, before I go home.


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