Friday, May 9, 2008

Nice "Solution."

Some time back I blogged about a person of my acquaintance who used to send me every urban legend that made the rounds of the in-boxes. After numerous return e-mail spankings admonishing the person to for cryin' out loud CHECK on things before "sending this to everyone you know" I was informed I am now off the list, meaning the spamming would go on; I just would not receive it anymore. Thanks... I think.

Fast forward to today. This person is a musician, and I thought the Station Inn audio files might be interesting. So I sent off a message, explaining what the gig was all about, along with links to the files.

The e-mail bounced, with the message that this user is not accepting mail from my address.

So, because I am a compassionate CrankyBeach and wanted this person to have the opportunity to hear some great music, I re-sent it from another address, and it hasn't bounced yet.

What a total moron.

Meanwhile... if any of my faithful readers would like to hear the entire gig (and it's well worth it), links to the files are posted below. You want to RIGHT click on them and save the target/file on your computer. (Mac users, you're on your own.) Thanks to Bob in Texas, whose audio it is. I recorded it myself, but the quality of his recording is better, especially on the chit-chat parts, which are just as much fun to listen to as the music. In my not so humble opinion.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And for good measure... a photo of Justin Hayward singing "Nights in White Satin" for the how-many-bazillionth time since 1967, and still pouring just as much passion into it as he did 40 years ago. Amazing.

And let's not forget his sidekick... the fabulous Norda Mullen!


bum said...

For the love of all that is holy, can you go back to obsessing on Firefly and Serenity. Or something. You know I am fond, Beach, but Lord Almighty... when do we get some election furor or some workplace shenanigans, or the beloved Lexus being fixed again, or FLOWERS?
xo, old friend. Blog what you will, I am happy to see anything.
(Beach friends and defenders, you need not jump in here, Beach knows I am joshing!!)
Hi Jeff!

Jeff D said...

Agreed! Hi Bum!

on-my-mind said...

Love the pictures! I will have to return to listen to the performance of Bob, as I am heading out to the real beach now. See you again soon.

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