Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Told You He Was Psycho.

Geico, that is.

He's supposed to be nocturnal... but as of 1:30 this afternoon, he had still not gone to bed. Every time I walked past his cage, he would attack the side of the cage.

Ever since he bit me the first couple of times... I've kept a glove next to the cage, in case I want to handle him when he's acting sassy. So today I put on the glove and reached for him.

He actually hung onto my gloved finger while I went and got the camera, then took him into the kitchen where the light is best for shooting pictures.

After several minutes of trying to bite through my finger, he finally figured out he wasn't getting anywhere and tried to let go. Then he discovered that gecko teeth get caught on yarn:

Finally he got himself disentangled and slumped onto my hand for a well-deserved rest.

I put him back in his cage, and he didn't try anything else. I hope he has finally figured out that it's waaaay past his bedtime.

What a goofball.

Firefly snaps at the shadows when I walk past her cage, and she has snapped at my fingers a time or two... but as soon as she figures out what she's snapping at is not edible, she lets go immediately and does not try again. Geico... not so bright. I couldn't believe how long he hung onto my finger today!


Steven said...

We have geckos everywhere here in Riyadh, where I am currently stationed. (I left Monterey in Dec. of '08 (sniff) ) The first one I caught got a good grip on my index finger and clamped on so hard his little eyes bulged. It didn't hurt, but it sure was impressive.

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