Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Blast From The Past.


The first time I heard this song on local radio I was driving home, pulled up at a stoplight, and the person in the next car looked over at me and quickly looked away again because I was laughing my pinkytoe off and the tears were rolling down my face.

In the next day or two I managed to tape-record the song from the radio; but at this point I have no idea where that tape might be hiding.

It had to be 1986, because unless my brain is completely gone (instead of just mostly gone) that was the year Clint ran for mayor and put Carmel on the map.

Brings back some crazy memories, that's for sure....

(Edited to add: That was a popular local band called The Medflys.)


Bum said...

Good research, Beach. I didn't know anyone had made a song. I was down here in the Hinterlands, and only vaguely remember that. (Not that he was mayor, but what he did and why.)

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