Thursday, November 6, 2008

Over-Reaching According To Whom?

Various TV pundits more or less pooh-poohed the idea of a Republican revolution in 2010, a la 1994, after Clinton was first elected. These pundits explain that Clinton "over-reached" in his first 2 years, tried to change too many things too quickly, and the people, the great unwashed, rebelled. They suggest that Obama is smart enough to learn from this; and thus, no one should count their Republican revolution in 2010 before it is hatched.

This got me wondering. The evidence points overwhelmingly to Obama being so far to the left, any hopechanges he might attempt could look perfectly reasonable and centrist to him and his minions; but those of us who lean anywhere in the center-right spectrum could still find that he is over-reaching.

Make sense?


Bum said...

To get me off the ledge each morning, I listen to Rush (actually WATCH on the Dittocam) and his point today was great. Even the mainstream media guys are now saying "who IS this guy?" and "We don't know ANY of his positions on ANYTHING!"
Many of us knew that anyway, but it was like hollering in a hurricane (I know your blog is censored and your pinkytoe is lily white and pure, so my other analogy is not used).
This election was a Liberal's "happy" dream anyhow. MCCain was a Kennedy Liberal and Obama was articulate.
WE must not give up, we must get busy. IT's OUR turn for "Yes WE CAN!"

Samantha said...

It is time for the Conservatives and Republicans to get their act together for 2010. We need a good "delivery system" and the substance to boot!

Heather said...

It's totally an image thing right now...Bush is the devil, and the 'good guys' are back at the helm. We'll see how quickly Obama 'makes it all better', although the cynical side of me says they'll all just blame Bush when they realize that increasing taxes and distributing wealth does not grow an economy...

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