Monday, February 9, 2009

From The Comments, And The Mail....

Samantha (who lives in New York) tells me that the grocery stores near her carry Eight O'Clock Coffee.

Yep. What'd I tell you? East coast thing. Mostly.

Old friend and frequent commenter Bum informs me that Eight O'Clock Coffee is supposed to be available at Wal-Mart Superstores. The nearest of those to me is about 40 miles. If I'm over that-a-way anyway, I might stop and check, but even this fanatic is not driving 40 miles just to buy cheaper coffee. Kind of defeats the purpose of being pathologically Scottish.

Bum also asks how to comment on this newfangled version of the blog. Unless I am severely mistaken, one needs to sign in with a Google ID to do so. If you have a Gmail address, that is your Google ID. Otherwise, just go to Gmail and sign up for an account. That should do it. I think. (And the first step to commenting is to click on the "0 comments" place at the bottom of the post. Then see what it asks you to do. You may be able to create a Google ID with your non-Gmail e-mail address. I think. But you do need a Google ID of some sort to post a comment.)

And no, I have no idea why the flag icon sometimes turns into a photo of a person, but I will check into it. In my ::snort:: copious spare time.

There. I think that covers all the bases on this fine, slightly soggy Monday morning.


Patrick said...

No need to get snippy, Beach. Geez.

Spare time, indeed.

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