Saturday, November 14, 2009

That Was Fun.

I hadn't been to a bonfire on Carmel Beach in YEARS.

Which, of course, means I had forgotten a few things. Such as, to bring a flashlight, because it's DARK down there. Fortunately, Naomi had one, and she lit my way back to the stairs, and up to the street. I took it from there.

Another reminder to self, for next time. Shish-kebab skewers do not make very good marshmallow or hot dog roasters. They're too short.

And vegetarian hot dogs (nice thought anyway, Rebecca) do not roast well. They just kind of turn black on the outside while still staying cool on the inside. They also have a disconcerting tendency to tear, and thus fall right off the skewers into the fire. Next time, it's the real thing, and some bent-out wire coat hangers. Or even a toasting fork.

But the smores were GREAT. I had two of them and decided if I ate any more, it'd be a sugar coma for sure. Right there on the beach.

And a big thank-you to Liz, who couldn't come, but provided the firewood anyway. And the guys at the next bonfire over, who enthusiastically shared their lighter fluid. (I think pyromania is a natural by-product of the Y chromosome.)

And it must be a function of people older than me, to NOT like their toasted marshmallows well-burnt. That's the best part--catching them on fire.


Patrick said...

A FIRE on Carmel beach??? Didn't the tree-hugging bunny loving dirt worshipers have something to say? We tried to have part of one of our reunions at the foot of 13th and turned out we had to get a permit, no fires, no liquor, fun had to be restricted to smiles...we couldn't think about whales or wasn't like the good ol' days.

CrankyBeach said...

Maybe you need a permit for a big group. Dunno. But there were quite a number of fires scattered around last night, and by some of the raucous noises, I suspect there were some serious amounts of alcohol going on....

One of the girls said they asked somebody and, and they were told no fires north of 10th Street, but the rest of the beach was okay.

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