Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Bear Gets Body-Slammed Again.

And some other stuff.

This movie consists of some brief clips from this morning's antics. I haven't taken the time to learn any fancy movie-editing techniques, so the transitions are nonexistent, plus Movie Maker apparently has no way to put text right into a frame. So here's the script, as I see it.

First... Yun Zi is minding his own business, when Mom just plows him under. He barely gets back on his feet when she goes by again--and you can see him back off so he doesn't get knocked down again.

Then he climbs onto the water fountain. He asks Mom how to get down, and she tells him, you got up there, you can get yourself down. So eventually (and a lot of footage has been cut out of the middle) he does get down--snout first.

Finally, he's sitting on the platform (which is also a scale) when a keeper comes into the room and tries to bribe him with treats. He plays coy for a while. Eventually the keeper picks him up and carries him out, presumably to put him into the public exhibit for his morning showing.


UPDATE: Youtube has a means for putting captions into videos, so I made use of that.


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