Friday, May 7, 2010

I Am Truly Evil. (Updated!)

Remember that alleged "professional" bulletin board I keep getting banned from?

Well... the trolls and the paranoids are still at it. Interestingly, the company I work for is one of the biggest targets of their spewed venom, and if anyone dares to poke their head up and say they're actually happy with their job, they are accused of being a "suit" or a "plant" because nobody could possibly be happy working for that company.

I keep maintaining that I am not a suit, I am a pajama, and besides, if the suits have it so good, why on earth don't these people claw their way up the ladder and BECOME a suit, so they too can sit around on their pinkytoes eating bon-bons all day, which is more or less what they accuse the suits of doing, while collecting a ginormous paycheck at the expense of us minions down in the trenches? (I've been a suit. It's overrated, and nary a bon-bon in sight.)

But I digress. Early this morning somebody mentioned that management "stalks" the board, so the complainers better hope nobody ever finds out who they are.

Well. You know me. An opening like that? Watch and learn.

So I posted a message titled "Rats! They're onto us!" which read as follows: "Initiate secret code protocol Alpha Alpha Whiner Finder. Execute in three, two, one, MARK!" and I signed it, of course, "The Suits."

One of the real "suits" with whom I am in contact had a good laugh, at least.

UPDATE: Some humor-impaired maroon actually took my post seriously, if you can believe it, and wrote "Quick! Just keep calling everyone who doesn't blow sunshine up your butt a whiner!"

Good freaking grief. Our society (and our profession) is doomed. Doomed, I tell you!


Samantha said...

You go, girl! Nice job, not being intimidated.

Unknown said...

wow. Glad i am just a retired mind my own dang business type guy. BTW, I am a gubmint huy doing Census Enumerator job for temp. It's fun!
Now execute Sierra Mike India Lima Echo and have a good day.

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