Friday, January 21, 2011

This Is Photoshopped.

From today's Yahoo news page.

A virtual chocolate chip cookie to the first person who can specify, in the comments, how we know it's been Photoshopped.

UPDATE: Foxfier and Jeff are both correct, actually... I was thinking with the sun setting, we would NOT see that much light on the east side of the bridge (the side facing the camera, believe me, I've tried photographing that thing in every lighting condition imaginable), nor on the car itself, but the main thing that grabbed me is that, as Jeff said, the vantage point from which the bridge photo was taken is a scary dirt road, with no stone wall; in fact, no guardrail of any kind, which is part of the reason why there is a sign at the road entrance that says "Impassable in wet weather." Also, more recently, there is a sign that says the route is not recommended for anything other than four-wheel drive.


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

The sun is reflecting off of the front left bumper while it sets in the background?

Or is it a joke I don't get?

Jeff D said...

Well, the bridge is wrong for one, with those supports on this side of the arch. Plus, there is no paved road where they show the car as sitting.

So when do I get the quarter to pay for tomorrow's paper?

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