Monday, April 13, 2015


I just got off the phone with a very pleasant gentleman over at Coe State Park. I called to find out about trail conditions at Hunting Hollow, because all the times I've been there before, I've had to wade across the creek at least a few times along the way. He directed me to the webpage linked above, where they actually have a section on water resources, as well as one on trail conditions. (The latest report indicates that I will not get my feet wet if I go for a hike there soon. Thank you, drought.)

I told him about my experiences with the infamous outhouse*, and we had a good laugh. (My guess that a handicapped-accessible outhouse at the end of 6 miles of bad trail being mandated by the state was correct.) When I mentioned how there is about a 4-inch step up from the ground to the concrete slab (so even if someone in a wheelchair actually made it all the way up there, they would not be able to go those last 4 inches and make use of the outhouse) he actually informed me that the regulations mandate that the outhouse be usable by someone in a wheelchair--but do not actually address the access to said outhouse.

* Link leads to my long-defunct old blog, which is still online, although some of the images in the posts now have broken links. So sue me.


MD said...

Cranky, why have I not seen you at Fort Ord Warhorse Day?!?!?

Fifth annual is next Saturday, May 9th, at Marina Equestrian Center Park. Right up your alley--history, cannon fire, petting zoo. Starts at 9:30, a colorful and unique family event. FREE!

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