Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I love my lizards--but I also love kitties. Even big kitties.

Here is the true story of a lion cub who lived with a couple of guys in London for a while, but when he got too big, he was taken to Africa and rehabilitated into the wild by George Adamson.

A few years later, the guys went back to Africa to visit their pal one last time.

Amazingly, after not having been seen for 9 months, the lion showed up near the camp the night before the two guys showed up, and waited for them. Apparently lions have some mysterious ways of knowing things.The story includes video of the final reunion between the two guys and their former housemate.

Definitely a three-hanky moment.


Foxfier said...

Side note: if I was the mother of either guy, I'd kill 'em.
Because they survived being so bloody stupid, I'd kill them......
(it is touching, though!)

Bum said...

I still can't stand Hippies.

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