Thursday, July 24, 2008

Voldemort Votes Republican.

That's what the bumper sticker says.

I beg to differ.

First... the obvious. Voldemort is not a U.S. citizen; therefore he cannot vote here. Secondly, he's dead. (Which makes him eligible to vote in Chicago, and other traditionally Democrat strongholds.)

But... had Voldemort not assumed room temperature in the last book, and were he eligible to vote in the U.S., I would submit to you that he would not vote Republican.

Come to think of it, he wouldn't bother to vote at all. He'd just kill off all the candidates and declare himself absolute dictator of all, for all eternity.

But seriously... anyone who prefers their power concentrated in one place, be it Washington or one's own hands, is not real likely to vote Republican.

Discuss amongst yourselves. I have work to do.

But before I go... one final thought. Ever notice how Republicans think Democrats are misguided, whereas Democrats think Republicans are evil? A friend of Ith's summed it up best when she said, "How could you be a Republican? You're so nice!"


Foxfier said...

Why, Cranky, you are so ignorant!
Don't you know that Democrats have clearly explained that those who disagree with them are evil AND stupid?
Now that you are enlightened, I'm sure you'll buy a sticker yourself.
Unless you're evil.

Jeff D said...

Amen, girl! Or, as they say in Russia - Amin! Or in the psalms - Selah!

Bum said...

Commie hippies, I tell you. Liberals are fooled into believing the claptrap about Conservatism and our 'evil ways' by the never ending Leftwing Media barrage...Stuck on Stupid was a perfect line and still applies.
Voldemort would vote however he needed to win, using Inferi in Chicago, the Imperius Curse wherever else he needed, and would control all politicians necessary to gain what government control he desired...funny how Rowling never had him go political with his power schemes...he was much more NAtional Socialist (Nazi) in his consolidation of power.
BTW, Republicans give more to charity and volunteerism than Democrats do; we don't brag about it.

Sissy Willis said...

Or, as a letter to the editor of the WSJ put it a few years back, "Democrats think Republicans are bad people. Republicans think Democrats have bad ideas."

Heather said...

Hi, I'm Samantha's friend Heather (she linked to your site from her blog). This post resonated with me a lot, and it is almost word to word what I was always trying to explain :-)
From my extremely liberal democrats friends, I always got the whole evil/immoral/uncaring vibe, and my more conservative/republican friends tended to just turn their nose up as if too say "I'm not going to even dignify your views with a response, because you're clearly too uneducated to talk to me".
In reality, I am socially quite liberal, but finding myself more and more conservative in most other regards. Now that I have started shift more towards conservative viewpoints (hell, now I have a mortgage and pay taxes), my ultra-liberal sister is convinced that I'm falling under the spell of 'evil right-wing talk radio'. She'll be like "Oh, I listen to them all the time. This is what they WANT you to think".
So, now I tend to just not say anything when she and her hubby bring up politics... maybe she thinks I'm turning my nose up like a proper republican? ;-)

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