Tuesday, August 26, 2008


For reasons far too boring to explain... I happened to surf past the AOL home page. One news item caught my eye; the question of whether I could pass the U.S. citizenship test.

So I clicked over. Imagine my sheer annoyance to find that the linked page is almost entirely in Spanish--under a heading of "immigracion".

Apparently the fine fun folks over at AOL think anyone interested in this topic is a Spanish speaking immigrant.

At least the quiz itself is in English. Which makes me wonder what language the real live this-is-for-all-the-marbles citizenship test is administered in. Does anybody out there know?


ForMyKountry said...

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Chris said...

I took the quiz and got 18 of 19 (missed the one which right is not in the Bill of Rights... of all things!!)
Funny picture of Nancy Pelosi on the test... wild-eyed and teeth clenched.

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