Friday, August 15, 2008

Holy Crap.


I just logged onto my health insurance company's website to check up on the status of my medical claims--and saw a "pending" claim from the hospital, for last Saturday morning's four-hour extravaganza. Since the claim is pending I cannot view the itemized details, but the total amount billed?


Let's see... that would include four hours' rent on the gurney, a bevy of lab tests, one bag of IV fluid, one tablet of sublingual Zofran (anti-nausea), 1 milligram of IV Dilaudid (to make the runs stop), a CT scan, a brief examination by the ER doctor, and a cup of apple juice. The cup of coffee I had in the waiting room on the way out is not included in the bill. Neither, I expect, is the radiologist's fees for reading the CT scan.

As soon as the itemized version shows up I will post it. But gee... do you think I have finally met my annual deductible??


janice said...

Oh Wow what a big bill!
I hope you are ok after your ordeal and I hope the bill didn't shock ya!
Take care Carolyn

Bum said...

SOMEONE from CHOMP is going to Aruba on vacation this summer...or perhaps their kid is in college...
It was the $3000 Zofran that spiked the bill.
In (my ignorant) youth I went there for my bad (still) knee. I was given some crutches. I thought to my (dumb pinkytoe) self "How nice to get free crutches!" They ended up costing me $300 1976 dollars. (I just threw them out after all this time; I kept them for a reminder.)

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