Thursday, December 18, 2008

Too Cute Not To Share

I've already posted this on the Moody Blues board (of course)... but I thought the rest of you unwashed non-fans might like to see what happens when an aging rock star knocks over his microphone stand:

The look on Julie's face is priceless. (She's the blonde keyboard player/singer in the background.) Immediately after that last shot, Norda (the dark-haired lady on the left, the flute player) bent over and picked up the microphone stand.

Also... on this trip I finally caught Graeme's tambourine in mid-air when he tossed it over his shoulder at the end of his goofy little cross-stage bum-shaking dance, during the song "Higher and Higher:"

Yes, I know you can hardly see it, but it's there. Blame whoever was running the smoke machine for the poor visibility.

(And for those who have NO idea who that man is... that is Graeme Edge, the original drummer for the Moody Blues, still going strong at age 67.)


janice said...

Great photos the moodies and you and old boss...thanks for sharing...signed not an unwashed fan

jan said...

Sorry for repetition

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