Friday, March 6, 2009

Very Important News Item.

Via the folks at Yahoo! food news, a list of the top 11 foods people either love or hate. And because inquiring minds want to know, I am listing my own preference (or lack thereof) for each item on the list.

What do YOU love or hate?

1. White "Chocolate." Chocolate ain't chocolate unless it's brown, preferably DARK brown.

2. Cilantro. Keep that stuff far, far away from me. Apparently I do not have the cilantro-loving gene.

3. Eggplant. Slimy, stringy, pretty tasteless. What's the point?

4. Coconut. I don't have a problem with it, but I don't generally seek it out.

5. Tomato. Bring it on. Especially if it's home-grown, vine-ripened. Yummy! Where's my salt shaker?

6. Anchovies. Bait. And I am not a fan of fishing. Or fish. Never have been.

7. Black licorice. All the more for me.

8. Stinky cheeses. Ah, the gorgeous gazonga cheese, as Kerry's mother once pronounced it.

9. Mayo. Makes the sandwich slide down easier--but not TOO much.

10. Bell Pepper. Green--mweh. Red--bring 'em on!

11. Beets. When I was assigned garden-watering chores back in adolescence, guess which part of the vegetable patch I always "forgot?"


Jill said...

Well, Cranky's 99% right. There is some saving grace for coconut, as in, say, a "cream pie," or an ice cream. Agree that haters of black licorice just leave more for the rest of us who love it. I would have added to the list: okra and liver.

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