Friday, March 13, 2009

Yet Another List

The folks at Mental Floss (am I the only one just a bit disturbed by the name of that site??) offer for our perusal the top 10 annoying behaviors by co-workers.

I've had most, but not all of them, happen to me over the years. (And I am very, very glad I work entirely at home now.)

1. Eating food that others bring in, but never reciprocating.

2. Shouting over cubicles to have a conversation.

3. Standing around someone’s desk and talking so it’s hard for them to get work done.

4. Not putting cell phones on vibrate or silent.

5. Eating smelly food.

6. Borrowing things from a co-worker’s desk without asking or returning the item.

7. Playing solitaire on a PDA during a meeting.

8. Turning your radio on loud enough for everyone to hear.

9. Leaving water on the counter in the bathroom so when the next person washes their hands and leans up against the sink, they get a line of water across their pants.

10. Leaving the office kitchen a mess.

Which ones did NOT happen to me? Somebody playing solitaire on a PDA during a meeting. None of the people I had to go to meetings with even owned a PDA. And the last place I worked in anything vaguely resembling a cube farm, the office manager was right there in the midst, and NOBODY dared shout within the same zip code as her.

And I will add one that DID happen to me, many times: When somebody else took my lunch out of the microwave BEFORE it was done, and put theirs in. Grrr. Never come between a CrankyBeach and her chow at feeding time.


Patrick said...

how about the green situation: turn lights and fan off in bathroom when leaving. And this in a bathroom with no window...Download the daily log and leave the vapors for post-download visitors to said bathroom. Ycch.

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