Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scary, If I Were The Larcenous Type...

Several years ago I started getting e-mailed jokes from someone I didn't know. The jokes were actually pretty good, compared to the dreck that usually makes the rounds of the in-boxes.

I finally e-mailed the joker back--and it turned out she thought she was e-mailing a co-worker. The co-worker must have an e-mail address very close to mine. (But I am the one, the only original CrankyBeach. Never forget that.)

Not too long after that, I got an e-mail that contained some pretty privileged information. It had to do with that lady's cell phone account.

I called her provider, told them they were e-mailing the wrong person, and never heard anything again.

Earlier this evening I was telling this story to some friends. So imagine my surprise when I got home, to find a confirmation of my DirecTV order. Addressed to the other lady, at my e-mail address.

So I called DirecTV to tell them they had the wrong person--and the very nice phone rep told me their computer system is undergoing maintenance until 6 a.m. eastern time, so I'll have to call back in the morning.

Do you know what I could DO with the information I've collected over the years on this lady, were I the larcenous type?? (No, I haven't saved any of it, and don't intend to, and I'll be deleting the DirecTV message just as soon as I straighten them out. And no, I don't have her correct e-mail address, or I'd just straighten her out myself.)

Let this be a lesson to you. Be very, very careful when giving your e-mail address to companies you do business with, that you have them read it back to you and make sure they have it exactly right.


Anonymous said...

Good point to make, CB. A necessity of our modern e-living. Take care. As always, I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Cheers.

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