Friday, September 3, 2010

Bears. Rock Bands. What More Could You Want?

Yep, we've got everything you need, right here in the Land of She Who Is Cranky.

Thanks to good friend Janet, one of the "TER Ten" (don't ask, it'd take too long to explain), yet another video from the Dallas double-header. It's already been a whole year. Amazing.

Anyway. Yet another view from the hill --er, that's view from the balcony--where you can spot me by my glowstick. The flickering one, right in the front row, at the far left side of the frame, nearly in front of John the bass player (the guy wearing all black, for those not in the know). Mine is the one that flickers because it was a battery-operated glowstick, and when it's doing the color blue, it flickers and flashes.

Posted for your viewing pleasure as a public service of your Crankiest Beach Ever. Watch especially closely right around 4 minutes and 53 seconds... I pointed my glowstick at first Justin, then John, to acknowledge them--and John gave me a thumbs-up (or maybe it's a fist-up) in response. So very, very cool. Enjoy!


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