Friday, September 24, 2010

Fluffy Feet

I didn't know until I watched a fairly-recent TV program on pandas that they actually have fur on the bottoms of their feet. Apparently this makes it more comfortable to walk around in the snow.

One of the panda fans, a lady known only as Rita Petita (yes, I do know her real name; no, I'm not going to tell you) has posted one of the cutest pictures EVER of Little Prince Fluffy-Butt (and fluffy-paws) recently on her Flickr site. Her pictures are all copyrighted, and I am doing her the courtesy of not getting around that by grabbing a full screen-cap, but I will send you to see this picture for yourself.

I did, however, make a screen cap of just one of his fuzzy paws, to whet your appetite....

As an aside, I met Rita Petita at the recent event at the San Diego Zoo. She was packing some serious photographic hardware, and I remarked to her that now I could see why she's able to get such great close-up shots. She smiled and said yes, the pandas have become a very expensive hobby for her. (Those great big lenses are EXPENSIVE.)


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