Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Does This Mean Those Commercials Are Over Now?

If I'd had to watch the Hildabeast or Obamaramalamading-dang on my TV one more time, somebody was going to get hurt. Thank heaven we now have a break....

Ever since November 2004, the church ladies at my polling place have been serving cookies and coffee. That election day, the line went clear across the parking lot, and it was nearly an hour wait.

Today, there was no line... but they still served cookies. Nice church ladies.

Because of all the hoo-ha about electronic voting... my county has gone back to paper ballots. And not even the old punch ballots. These ballots were sort of a fill-in-the-arrow-with-the-pen thing. Returns will be late and slow in coming. But at least there will be no arguments about chads or hacked voting machines. (I wonder if those pens in the booths had eraseable ink...?)

I held my nose and voted, and then voted "no" on all the propositions.

Then I went to the dentist, and while he stabbed me with the novocaine needle, he told me he had voted 2 weeks ago by mail, and somehow he was not at surprised when I listed some of the candidates on my ballot.

Oddly enough... I find Republicans almost everywhere I go in this town. So how come we can't field a candidate who will stay in town long enough to run against our congress-critter, that moron who has never even held a real job?


Jeff D said...

That's cuz there's never a mistake on those fill in the arrow ballots. Sheesh.
And I find nothing but Democrats here... Except for the Green people.

Geralyn said...

Boy do I feel the same way you do! Do you most of the candidates should be on http://www.hypocrisy.com? Some would fit in quite well.

Samantha said...

Registered Republicans where I live are an endangered species. I already suspect who my state is going to in November ..Sometimes I feel like my vote just doesn't matter.. Primaries are of course a different story..

bum said...

C'mon down to San Bernardino County...lots o' Republicans here!!!

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