Friday, February 1, 2008

Attention, Spammers.

You did not fool me with the spoofed IP address on your lengthy and highly offensive comment, which I have deleted. You cannot hide your real origins from the CrankyBeach, who is after all the Queen of all geekdom (tm). You have been reported to your ISP, and I hope they shut you down. And then kick your asteroids all the way to the Kuiper belt. Bare nekkid with hobnailed boots.

For those who didn't see it... the comment was over 5000 words long, contained many, many misspelled words, made no sense, and included 21 instances of the F-word alone.

Who has enough time on their hands to sit down and write garbage like this--much less to disseminate it and try to hide its origins? Geeez.

Perhaps Sunny will do something about this kind of thing if she is elected President.


on-my-mind said...

Way to go, CB!!

Bum said...

What a dumb mess with the Beach is just so wrong. I am not an environmental whacko, but this is one Beach i feel like making a preserve.
TM)? maybe the circle-R for registered trademark, but ....well, ok. No arguing with you about minutiae in these pages.
I'll send you some things in case you want to copy-paste use them. I do in "Fitznews" all the time.
I was glad to see the Giants win a close game tonight. I am still a Raider Faithful, but New England is just too Dallas-like. To heck with them. Team of density...uh, destiny, my pinkytoe.
PS, Hi, Jeff!

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