Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh Frabjous Joy!

There is some good news happening in this economy.

As we all know... TV has entered the digital age, as of today.

Both of my TVs have digital tuners, so I wasn't too worried. And then I saw the ads for digital cable service plus On-Demand, for only $29.99 a month for the first year. And after that, the monthly price is less than what I've been paying up until now. Go figure.

So a couple of weeks ago I made the appointment online to get converted to digital cable. I was told that if I wanted to use the second TV for anything other than a giant doorstop, I would of course need a second cable box, which was going to cost an extra X number of dollars per month. So I said okay, since the price was still going to be far less than I've been paying.

The installer was running behind, and showed up actually several hours late yesterday; but it was okay because I was home anyway, and didn't have any reason I needed to leave the house. But he had very good news; he would installing the main cable box with the on-demand features on whichever TV I wanted (I chose the living room, since that's the bigger screen), but he had a basic converter box that he would install on the bedroom TV--and this box was NOT going to cost any extra per month.

And then he absolutely made my day. He told me the Sci-Fi Channel is now included in my lineup.

I still don't know my exact channel lineup; the listings they have online are a bit outdated (I expect with the digital conversion going on, they've had better things to do than update their online channel listings). I guess I'll have to sit down and manually scroll through all the channels and write down what comes up. I have more channels than "basic" but fewer than "premium."

But the Sci-Fi Channel!! Yowza! According to what's published online, I'd have to go several levels of service above what I am actually getting to get that channel included in my lineup. As I said... obviously the lineup has changed since they published that information....

UPDATE: Faithful reader Bum e-mailed to give me info on finding my channel lineup at IMDB. Yes, they do have the channel lineup... and it lists every single channel available if you buy every single thing they have available to sell you. The channels I get are tucked in amongst them, somewhere.

So thanks, Bum, appreciate the effort... but I'm going to have to resort to the old-fashioned method of writing down the actual channels that show up on my TV. Oh well.


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