Saturday, September 26, 2009


Let Pandas Die out, Says Naturalist

Conservationists should "pull the plug" on giant pandas and let them die out, according to BBC presenter and naturalist Chris Packham.
The 48-year-old believes that money spent on conserving the panda would be better invested in other animals as the species is not strong enough to survive alone.

Well... he's entitled to his opinion, but needless to say, I do not share it.

Sure, a lot of money is being spent, and the bandwidth bill alone for the San Diego Zoo pandacam that I can't stop watching is probably more than my monthly rent... but dang it, there's something incredibly refreshing to the spirit to see these great big adorable fuzzballs in action. And that you cannot put a price tag on.

Dear Mister Packham: Can you look into those faces and wish them dead? Really? Honestly? Then you are a heartless b***ard, I say.


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