Sunday, December 5, 2010

Surrounded By Geniuses

And so it was that in the Kingdom of the Corporate Suits, a decree went forth that all matters shall be issued a support ticket, from start to finish.

Imagine the surprise and consternation, therefore, of the humbly-compliant minion when she received e-mails from a Top Suit inquiring on the status of several of her tickets.

Humble Minion bit her tongue and did not inform Top Suit that had he simply LOOKED into each of those tickets, the status thereof was copiously and scrupulously annotated therein. Rather, she sent forth dispatches to Top Suit informing him of the status of said cases, thereby wasting her precious time (although not nearly as precious as that of Top Suit, presumably, being a safe bet that Top Suit's level of remuneration equals several multiples of that of Humble Minion.

Humble Minion also refrained from pointing out that Top Suit should have known these things, being a Knight and Overseer in the very department of the Kingdom from whence the decree came forth, and being a Keeper of the Sacred Keys of Access to the ticketing system.

Humble Minion believes this would be a very good time to resurrect the "Bang Head Here" low-tech anti-stress kit that got such heavy use at her previous job.


Unknown said...

It is a pain to comment, although all posts except Panda posts are comment-able.
Curious, do you have a 'get dressed and go to work' gig now, or are you transcribing at home still, or both?

Lo, in the land of sand it is good, and verily all were pleased. Read my note on FB about my trip.

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