Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Greetings, Class Of '73

Oops... did I just give away my age??

Thanks to Lizz and Tony, we've had a sort of blizzard-like class reunion on Facebook, with friend requests appearing seemingly out of nowhere and people linking to other people.

So hello (in no particular order) to Rod, Susan, April, Tony, Lizz, Mollie, Kathy, the other Kathy, Bonnie, Michael, Robert, and Robbie, who I have to admit I don't remember (but she's married to Tony, so that means she's all right by me). And all the other folk who haven't friended me yet, or vice versa.

Speaking of Tony, I will always remember that he was the big hotshot football hero who wasn't so high and mighty that he couldn't come up with a kind and cordial word for an uncool band geek (that would be me). I used to always ask him to predict how the football team was going to do that week, because I always had side bets going with the band director. And Tony, of course, was always right in his predictions. I still remember that last game of the season when he got majorly squashed and had to be taken away in an ambulance....

And since Rod said he's now reading my blog, I guess I better start posting more often.... Wouldn't want to disappoint the vast (ahem) audience, after all....


The Thomas said...

OK, so you are a baby, so what.

My class has been using Facebook to help organize our 40th HS reunion next July here in the Great White North.

It has helped as we are now spread out over much of the USofA, plus the obligatory ones who now live in Florida.

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