Monday, November 1, 2004

As Threatened…

… in my comments on one of Sarahk’s posts about ex-husbands, I said mine had threatened to disown me if I ever sang “Never Set The Cat On Fire” again in public. Somebody wanted to know where they could hear that song.

If you want to spend some money, you can hear its writer, Frank Hayes, sing it, along with several of his other hilarious songs.

… if you are REALLY brave, and REALLY cheap as well, you can click on the link below.

WARNING AND DISCLAIMER! By clicking this link you agree that you have full knowledge that you are being exposed to hazardous materials, said hazardous materials being the (alleged) singing voice of Cranky Beach, recorded before 9 a.m., on a Monday, you accept all inherent risk and consequences of listening, and you release CrankyBeach, all her subsidiaries, and anyone who ever knew her or even heard of her from any damages that you may incur by exposing yourself to this dangerous material. CrankyBeach will not be responsible for any injuries incurred by listeners (a) running screaming from the room, (b) stuffing foreign objects into ears to block the sound, or (c) any other damages you may inflict upon yourself.

You have been warned. Listen at your own risk.

ADDENDUM: To mitigate my sin of singing in public, I will very soon (I promise!) have something much better for you to listen to. Watch this space for further details.

UPDATE: Okay, this might help make up for the singing.


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