Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Un. Freaking. Believable.

After having driven past the polling place twice, with the parking lot jammed both times, I finally headed over to vote at about 2:45. The lot was still jammed, so I just parked at home and walked over.

45 minutes I waited in line.

That is a first, in 22 years of voting at this polling place. Everyone in line was saying the same thing, that we’ve never seen it like this. Usually, we’re right in and right back out again.

When we got up near the door, we discovered the church ladies had baked cookies and put them out. Nice!

Nobody in the line mentioned a party affiliation or a voting preference… but the guy behind was telling the other guy about a friend who had been on unemployment for 2 years, being very picky about what job he would take, because the government had made it possible. “It wasn’t a safety net anymore,” he said, “it was a hammock.” He also said, what do you want to bet, no matter who wins, all of a sudden, there will be amazingly good news out of Iraq?

Sound like a Republican to you?

And when it was all over, my ballot had chocolate chip cookie crumbs on it. I hope that doesn’t invalidate it.


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