Sunday, December 30, 2007

Free Groceries!

At Whole Foods, no less.

Apparently, all you have to do is walk out of the store without paying for your groceries--and they won't do a thing to stop you. Not only that... if they try to stop you, and one of the employees touches you, THEY will be fired and you will be allowed to go on your merry way. Because, you see, Whole Foods employees are not allowed to touch a customer for any reason. Apparently a shoplifter is still considered a customer. Is that dumb or what?

I fully expect a rash of unencumbered shoplifting to start plaguing the chain. They have just announced to the world that they will roll over and let you walk away. They might even hold the door open for you. How very polite of them.

Actually, the guy's manager should have been fired, since he was the one who yelled for help in the first place, to stop the thief. And then, when the employee restrained the thief, the manager told him to let the thief go, which he did. And then he got fired.


Bum said...

I love stories where the Liberal Feel Good, everybody, Idiots are hoist by their own petard. (What a great phrase...sounds dirty, but isn't!)
Steal me some good sourdough...and some aged gouda.

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