Sunday, December 30, 2007

Scary Tactics

An acquaintance of mine once "invested" in a time share and later went through bankruptcy. She did not "reaffirm" the time share debt and thus, according to her lawyer, was free of it.

Nearly two years later, she got a call from someone purporting to be from the time share company, demanding that she pay her long-past-due bill for all fees. He was extremely nasty, intimidating, and when she told him she had gone bankrupt, he yelled at her that she could not bankrupt her way out of a time share; it is her "second home" and therefore she is required to keep it, or some such bullshocks, and he got extremely abusive.

Nearly in a panic, she called her bankruptcy attorney. He turned right around and called the guy, who said "Oh, no, she misunderstood me, since she was a past customer, we were just trying to find out if she might be interested in purchasing a week in a resort."

Bullshocks. Again. He only said that because he had an attorney breathing down his throat.

I just wonder how many people fall for the scare tactic and send in money, even though the debt was discharged? Must be enough to keep a guy like this in business. Sad.


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