Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Good Day To Go Back To Bed...

First, I find out that my phone bill is overdue because unbeknownst to me, I had been discontinued from the automatic payment service. I called to find out why, and they said my credit card had expired. I explained (patiently) that I had updated the information as soon as I got and activated the new card; but apparently their system is too dumb to understand such a simple task.

I renewed my driver's license in plenty of time, but the new one has never arrived in the mail (and it's been almost 2 months), so I get to go brave the Department of Murder Vehicles to fill out a form to replace the lost or stolen one. Meanwhile, it's a safe bet there's somebody out there pretending to be me. Oh, joy.

Then I'm trying to do my work, you know, the stuff I get paid for, and it appears the third-grader with the bald spot told someone I am not using the computer that was set up especially for me to have access to the office systems, and thus they have an intern in this week who is using it and keeps kicking me off. Said third-grader is out of town this week and next so I cannot go and personally commit murder and mayhem on his person. There have been some blistering e-mails sent out, though, to the effect that it's all very well and good to kick me off the system, but do not expect accuracy of information if I can't get into the very place I go to verify the information. Just sayin'.

I think I need more coffee.


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