Friday, December 28, 2007

Some Things Are Just Too Easy...

Yesterday a car passed me near an intersection. The car wore every kind of "green" bumper sticker you could think of.

What kind of car do you suppose it was?

No, it was not a Prius or other hybrid. It was, in fact, a smoke-belching elderly diesel Mercedes.

Can you say "cognitive dissonance?"


Samantha said...

That's a case of what I like to call "Liberal Guilt Syndrome".

bt said...

On the other hand, that person has 'saved' the energy use of manufacturing and transporting all the new cars they did not buy while they were driving that diesel; that person was obviously driving an alternative fuel vehicle quite some time before it was the in thing. You should have tried fueling a diesel auto in the 80's - ever had to stand in diesel while you fight with those 40 ton monsters who also want some fuel from the truck stop - cause that's where the diesel was.
So perhaps you should cut that person some slack - they've been doing their part for a long time now.

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