Thursday, February 7, 2008

Not Quite The Panic I Was Expecting...

By the time the guys got here, I had the kitchen and living room ready to go, but had barely begun on the disaster that is the office.

Not to worry, said the window guy. Just clear the stuff off the top of the desk; in fact, you can leave that giant shoe box-sized battery back-up unit right where it is, and we'll throw a tarp over it.

So they got my three windows set, but not trimmed. That, they will do tomorrow. So there's still cold air coming in around the edges--but it's no worse than the old 50-year-old leaky windows. And once they put in the trim and caulk the inside, I'll be snug as a bug in a rug. Or something.

Meanwhile, I had to set the computer back up so I could get some work done. Hopefully I won't have to completely tear it apart again tomorrow....


Bum said...

C'mon, lets make with the update on the windows. The weather has been glorious down here in the desert as well as up there on the no big "Brrr..." but I was waiting for the big rant about SOMETHING!
My buddy Jason flew Danny Gans from Vegas to the Crosby. He was able to turn left from the airport so he could floy over Pebble yesterday. He has been up there once with me and loves the area!

Bum said...

Happy Valentine's Day from a guy who was once your Main Valentine. I am sure that Jeff agrees, you are one-of-a-kind and a special woman. I would send you flowers and chocolate, but this is what i CAN do.
I hope you are well.

CrankyBeach said...

Can't seen the screen. Eyes watering too much. Must be my allergies kicking up again....

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