Sunday, December 30, 2007

And In Other News...

... the lizards had their monthly cage cleaning and weigh-in today. They all suffered the indignity of being rousted out of a sound sleep, one by one, being made to sit still on the scale, and then being shuffled off into temporary quarters while their homes and furniture got cleaned from top to bottom.

But it's actually easier to put them through such an ordeal when they're kind of torpid and sleepy. Not to mention, I don't fancy staying up late to clean their cages after they wake up for the night. Hey, who's in charge here, anyway?

ETA: Firefly looked so cute when I went past her cage, I just had to grab the camera:

Unless she's facing the glass like that, you never, ever see her belly markings. She has got the prettiest belly markings of the five.

And then she moved and posed again:

Just adorable... isn't she? Say yes.


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