Saturday, July 25, 2009

Giant pandas in real time

Check out the national zoo's pandacams.

Camera 1

Camera 2

The best time to see them outdoors is the morning; in the evening, they are indoors, sometimes snoozing, sometimes chowing down on bamboo, or just wandering around. There is a live operator running the cameras, and they follow the pandas around to make sure they are in view as much as possible.

Viewing time is limited to 15 minutes per session.

I could not screen-capture an image of the cam so this is an actual photograph of my computer screen. Sorry about the wiggly lines.


Patrick said...

ok, so i watched. THAT'S 5 minutes of empty cage watching I'd like to have back.


CrankyBeach said...

You gotta watch 'em when the volunteers are on duty, moving the cameras constantly to follow the great fuzzballs as they move around.

5 minutes?? Geez. As soon as I saw they weren't there I'd have left, myself....

CrankyBeach said...

And as I post this... camera 2 shows a sleeping fuzzball with his back to the camera... but hey, it's way past their bedtime now. Try in the morning. They're very active then.

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