Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trains, Planes, And Shuttle Vans

As I write this, I have been stranded in Phoenix since last night, due to freaky storms. What is it with airline pilots, anyway, that they don't want to land their planes sideways in the thick of the lightning, cross-winds, monsoons and dust devils? Huh? What's up with that?

Hopefully I will get out of here and get home tonight. I actually have confirmed seats--but then again, I had confirmed seats last night too, and a whole lot of good THAT did me. Had to spend last night in a hotel; it was either that or try to sack out in the airport, and last time I did that, I was MUCH younger.... And because it was a weather problem, and thus not the airline's fault, they did not issue free room (or free meal) vouchers. Oh well. I was the bottom of the standby heap this morning, and did not get on that flight, although my suitcase did. So my suitcase will be back in the ol' home town before me. At least I won't have to wait for baggage claim... but I may have to wait for the lone gate agent to appear from wherever they hide between flights to get my suitcase out of the lock-up.

No, I am not sitting in the swanky "club" lounge with the free coffee. I had a free pass for the outbound flight 11 days ago, when I had a 3-hour layover, but this trip, customer service assured me they are not able to issue complementary club passes, and I am not paying 40 bucks for a day pass. 40 bucks does not a free cup of coffee make....

Meanwhile, I have just a couple of photos from the adventure at the National Zoo. No those are not stuffed animals, despite their appearance.


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