Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Never Again.

Remember the incident where my credit card number was compromised, and I started receiving all kinds of interesting "products" in the mail?

In spite of the comic relief and blog-fodder achieved through that incident, it's been one big headache, because despite multiple promises and assurances, the credit card issuer, as of yesterday, had STILL not actually closed my account (I was assured it was closed back on November 11, 2008) and even allowed more fraudulent charges to get through after the card had been canceled. Then they charged an annual fee on the dead credit card, and started slapping me with late fees and finance charges. Apparently my closed account even went to collection.

After yet another a lengthy time on the phone yesterday (they should be paying me for my time, methinks) I am assured once again that the account has been closed and all charges have been reversed. I will believe that when I see it. (Hint: I am not holding my breath.)

At the end of the call, I informed the very nice phone representative that while of course I did not hold her personally responsible for the mess, she needed to pass the word upstairs that I would never, EVER do business with their company again. She was sorry to hear it--but said she completely understood where I was coming from.

Oh, you want to hear who messed up so badly? Well, I won't mention their name directly, but their initials are B of A....


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