Saturday, July 25, 2009

What I did after my summer vacation

I wasn't going to go, because it was right after I got back from my big trip... but the Moody Blues played relatively nearby Thursday evening. I had said (facetiously) that I wasn't going to go unless somebody gave me tickets.

Then Wednesday morning Pam e-mailed and said she had some extras; did I want them? Yeah, I did.

No cameras were allowed in the venue, but we got this shot with Pam's phone, and I am shamelessly stealing it to post here. That's me, Pam, and Cheryl, before the concert.

The concert was fabulous, as always. They dropped 3 songs from last year's setlist and added in 4 new ones, all of which went over very well. Two out of the 3 dropped songs I was happy to do without, but I did miss the former opener, "Lovely to see you." Now they're opening with "The voice," which is a good song too, but it's not nearly as "Lovely," and that's just my not-so-humble opinion.


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