Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Debate, Shmebate

The first Tuesday of the month being the usual meeting time of the Left Coast chapter of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, I did not watch the debate. Co-conspirators Ith and Nin did not watch it either; they were too busy cooking up trouble with the rest of us. So I have had to rely on others for the round-up.

My favorite quote so far comes via Michelle Malkin:

"A dog yapping at a grown-up's heels." That's how Morton Kondracke described John Edwards' performance against Vice President Cheney tonight. I concur.

You can read her entire round-up here. It's well worth your time. In my not-so-humble opinion.

Update: Michele has a take that will make you spray your screen and keyboard, so put down your beverage before reading!


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