Wednesday, October 27, 2004


The AP is reporting that scientists have found a way to create hypoallergenic cats.

Now, science was not my best subject, but here’s how they plan to do it:

Allerca Inc. president Simon Brodie said by 2007 the company will use RNA interference to “silence” a gene in cats that produces the irritant, which is excreted through saliva and the skin.
But it’s even more insidious than that, as we see when we read further:
Scientists researching everything from cancer to crops are using RNA interference to silence genes to create drugs, gene-searching tools and even a new way of decaffeinating coffee.
Ah-hah! There they go again… trying to figure out yet more ways to deprive she who is cranky of her wake-up juice!

They think I’m cranky now? Just wait.

Step away from the caffeine, and nobody gets hurt!

Time for another cup.


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