Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Heroes for Bush

The Bear is soliciting contributions to a blogburst wherein fictional heroes endorse Bush for president.

Okay. :)

Malcolm Reynolds here, captain of
Serenity. I fought and lost a war against unification of
all the planets into the Alliance. Now I hear this duh
liou mahng John Kerry thinks some outfit called the
United Nations can do a better job of defending freedom
on the homeworld than the United States. He's wrong. I
left the Alliance because of people like him.

Now I live on the frontier, minding my own business and
trying to fly under the Alliance radar. I have no home
but Serenity, but I'm still free, and they can't take the
sky from me. I believe in freedom, and so does George W.
Bush. Don't let that hwoon dahn John Kerry take the sky
from you. Vote for Bush.

That's all for now. Serenity out.

UPDATE: Jayne has also endorsed Bush.

Waiting to hear from the rest of the Serenity crew.....


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