Friday, October 29, 2004

Worth Reading

Via a link from Captain’s Quarters, I clicked on over to The Anchoress.

I have barely begun to explore her writings, but I just have to quote her here:

I have managed people. I know that if I had an employee who early into his stint had found himself needing to manage crisis situations, and who had done so imperfectly but effectively, had still brought in a spreadsheet showing growth instead of stagnation or loss, had shown a propensity for stability and a doggedness to get the job done, and had remained steadfast in the face of enormous personal disregard, name-calling, distortion and outright hate from those in surrounding offices, I’d have to take a DAMN CLOSE LOOK at anyone who might replace him, and the fact is, the new applicant would have to be pretty impressive for me to let the first employee go.
Go read the whole thing.


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