Friday, October 15, 2004

Scary Stuff

Did y'all hear the lady from Arizona on Rush who was an alleged undecided voter, until she saw the third debate? She decided to vote for Kerry because even though both Bush and Kerry gave unsatisfactory answers on immigration (Bush answered the question, sort of, but Kerry dodged it altogether and answered something else), and though she thinks Kerry doesn't understand the immigration problem because he's not from a border state... Kerry looked presidential and spoke well.

Style trumps substance yet again.


Anonymous said...

What else is new? unfortunately there a TON of people who make up their minds the same way. That's why the tall guy usually wins.....

Anonymous said...

Hi CB, didn't hear the call, not sure there are many people going that way. I think Bush came close to closing the deal in debate 3, plus a lot of the political discussion is oriented favorably to Bush right now (Kerry/Edwards discussion of Cheney's family, Edwards' "arise and walk" comments, etc.). BTW, Gore was taller than Bush also.
Here's a suggested link re: the Edwards statement:
Just brutal - and honest.
Too bad I didn't read the "French" article before band last night - I'm sure we could have engaged in some witty repartee.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the Krauthammer article practically everywhere; I've gotten it via e-mail, and it's being linked and quoted all over the blogosphere.
As for the French... ahem. Witty repartee indeed, but it might have given some of those brownie-munching young-uns the wrong idea!

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