Sunday, October 3, 2004

CrankyBeach Is In The Building

Yes, CrankyBeach really does have a blog of her very own, now... thanks to Ith. (Go read her blog if you don't already make a habit of it.)

There will be more later.

And for those who might be keeping score... that is both a threat AND a promise!

No, I am NOT wearing pajamas! Not at this moment, anyway....

Don't worry about the boring look of the page. I will make it much prettier. Real Soon Now. Honest.


Princess Jami said...

I liked reading what you wrote on Ith's site while she was gone. I'm glad you have a blog of your own, now. Yay!

CrankyBeach said...

Why, thank yew! :) I will try my best to live up to (or maybe I should say DOWN to) folks' expectations....

Ith said...

She wasn't easy to convince, let me tell you! She didn't want her own blog, oh no, because she didn't have enough to post about, but she kept asking if she could post on mine. She finally caved to the yearn :)

CrankyBeach said...

Shhh! Geez, Ith, give away the big state secrets, will ya? Golly. Guess I better be careful what I tell you at those meetings of the Left Coast branch of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!
Speaking of which... want to ride in my black helicopter tomorrow night and save yourself the parking fee?

Ith said...

Heh :)
As for tomorrow, same problem as usual since I don't know if Nin will be off by 6 or will get held up like she's wont to do. Unless you want to come pick me up and we can get a start on the festivities and she can catch up? At least I know for sure what time I get off!

Deb said...

Yay! Welcome!
It's hard to admit that you need a blog of your own, but admitting it is the first step toward healing. Or something. *grin* In any case, glad to see you here!

Jacqui said...

Hey! Welcome to the club!
You should send in a picture to the Carnival of the Pajamas to; it should get you some, um, exposure.
Sorry about the pun. I couldn't resist ;)

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